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A.O. Smith assists with aid to fight coronavirus in China

Milwaukee-based A.O. Smith donated and installed 50 air purification units in local hospitals in China, according to the company's director of corporate communications Tami Kou. Twenty units went to Gulou Hospital in Nanjing and an additional 30 went to Tongji Hospital in Wuhan. A.O. Smith is also working with the Red Cross in China to add another 150 air purification units to other local hospitals that are currently fighting the coronavirus.

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In the summer of 1874, Charles Jeremiah Smith started a small business in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, making “hardware specialties.” The entrepreneur could not have imagined that his one-person business would grow and thrive to become a global manufacturer with more than 16,000 employees. What C. J. Smith did know and understand was the importance of taking care of his customers, solving their problems, and helping them find “a better way.” He believed strongly in doing business with honesty and integrity.

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